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M.R. Tool was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of special cutting tools, since then we have successfully expanded both our manufacturing capacity and product range, and are now one of the largest manufacturers of both standard and special cutting tools in the United Kingdom.

For over 30 years M.R.Tool have been approved manufacturers to the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Marine, and general engineering industries.

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Milling: Carbide / HSS / HSSCo / Powder Metal / Short, Standard, Long, Extra Long / 30' 45' 55' 60' helix / Metric, Imperial / Square End, Ball Nosed, Corner Radius / Plain, Threaded, Flatted Shanks / Uncoated & Coated / End Mills, Slot Drills / single 2, 3, 4 Flutes / Finish Profiling / Roughing / Tapered.

: Carbide / HSS / HSSCo / 3D, 5D, 7D, Stub, Jobber, Long, Extra Long, Parabolic, Double Margin, Stepped, Subland, Drill Reamers, Core, Through Coolant, Spacematic, Drivematic, Taperlock, Oil Feed, Taper Drills, Centre Drills, Drill-Countersink, Pilot Drills, Spotting Drills.

: Carbide / HSS / HSSCo / Machine, Hand, Chucking, Pilot, Stepped, Aerospace, Drill-Reamers, Oversize, Shell, Straight Flute, Spiral Flute, Through-Coolant, Straight Shank, Morse Taper Shank, Right Hand, Left Hand.

Counterbore / Countersink: Carbide / HSS / HSSCo / Aerospace / Automotive / 2 Flute, 3 Flute / Chamfer, Rose Type, Chatterless, Piloted, Back-Spotfacers, Spotfacers, Bayonet, Pin-drive, Marine, Spacematic, Drivematic, Taperlock, Drill-Countersink, Centre Drills.

Application: Carbide / HSS / HSSCo / Woodruff, Tee-Slot, Dovetail, Inverted Dovetail, Corner Round End Mills, Counterbores, Countersink, Diesinker, Tapered End Mills, Form Cutters, Profile Cutters, Form relieved, Hole Saws, Port Contour Cutters.

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